Becoming Accredited


  • The first step in becoming accredited is to review information on this website, including the Standards for Accreditation.
  • After the school has confirmed interest in becoming accredited, school officials should contact a member of the professional staff.
  • School officials will next be provided an application for initial candidacy in addition to undertaking an analysis of the school's initial adherence to the Standards.
  • Once the CPSS office has received the school's information, a member of the professional staff will contact the principal to schedule a visit to the school.
  • During the school visit and after review of the information submitted by the school, professional staff will meet with the principal and the school's leadership team to explain the process and to answer questions.  In addition, the professional staff member will tour the school and meet with a representative group of teachers.
  • At its next quarterly meeting, the Commission will take action on the school's application for initial candidacy and, if apprpopriate, recommend candidacy status to the NEASC Board of Trustees.
  • The school will then have three years to complete a self-study and host a visiting team.

Candidacy for Accreditation is a temporary status during which time a school is preparing for an evaluation visit. An institution admitted to this category is entitled to make public its Candidate status in its publications, correspondence and student transcripts. Candidate schools are listed in the Association's Roster of Membership.

Schools that wish to apply for Candidate status must:

  • have completed one year of operation
  • be approved by the appropriate government agency
  • be tax supported
  • publish and distribute a program of studies and student handbook
  • prior to the candidacy visit, submit a narrative assessment of the extent to which the school meets each Standard for Accreditation, to be signed by a committee of representatives of the school, along with a statement of major strengths and needs related to adherence to the Standards, and the school’s stated mission and expectations
  • host a visit from a Commission representative(s)
  • pay the required Candidacy application fee

Public high schools, middle level schools and K-12 schools that wish to become accredited must first apply as a Candidate for Accreditation. If a school wishes to be evaluated before the final year of Candidacy, the principal should inform the Director of the Commission in writing.
Upon approval of Candidacy status, the school will be required to host a visiting team in no fewer than eighteen months and no more than three years. Earlier team visits may be scheduled at the discretion of the Commission.

The date of a school's initial accreditation is retroactive to the last day of evaluation by the visiting team.