Public Disclosure

The staff of the Commission will make available certain information on those public secondary schools which are members of the Association, are Candidates for Accreditation, or have sought Accreditation. CPS maintains an online directory of member and candidate schools.  The specific information provided relates to school data, and Board of Trustees and Commission actions and includes:

For each Accredited institution:
  • name and address of the institution
  • the year of initial accreditation/membership
  • chief administrative officer of the school
  • grades in school
  • the year of the most recent Commission/Association action affecting accreditation status
  • when applicable, an indication of probationary status
  • any interruption of accreditation
 For each Candidate institution:
  • the year in which candidacy was granted
  • the year of the most recent review of candidacy status
  • the year by which accreditation must be achieved
In addition, a Commission may elect to publish and disseminate information regarding the next date of review of an accredited or candidate institution.

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