The Association's purpose is exclusively educational. It serves the public and the educational community by

(1) establishing and maintaining high standards of educational excellence and

(2) utilizing evaluation processes which focus on self-improvement through effective peer review.

Schools which voluntarily demonstrate through the Association's evaluation processes that they meet established standards are accredited and thus become members in the Association. Member schools must undertake an exhaustive self-study involving the participation of faculty, administrators, staff, students, community members, and board members.

A committee of peers, comprised of professional educators who have volunteered to serve on the visiting team, visits an institution to evaluate its adherence to stated standards, a process that includes reviewing the findings of the self-study and identifying areas of strength, and making recommendations that will lead to better adherence to standards and to school improvement.

School personnel then respond to recommendations stated in the visiting team report by designing and implementing short-term and long-range plans for improvement.