Complaints About Schools

Public schools accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges are expected to operate in the public interest and in accordance with ethical practices with respect to the rights and responsibilities of faculty, students, administrators, board members and all others related to the institution.

If the Commission on Public Secondary Schools receives a request to investigate an alleged violation of ethical practices in member schools, its attitude towards such a request will depend upon the nature of the charges and the evidence offered. Only substantially supported allegations of actions or practices that could seriously impair the quality and effectiveness of the school will be considered by the Commission as a basis for further inquiry. Unless the situation suggests the kind of capricious or unprofessional action which precludes the continued adherence to the Commission policies or Standards for Accreditation, the Commission will not intervene on behalf of individuals.

If the circumstances do appear to be of a more serious nature, the Commission staff may conduct an inquiry with a knowledge of and in conference with those concerned. Findings will be reported to the Commission for its consideration. Should the Commission's deliberations lead to a recommendation for an adverse action, the institution may invoke the appeals procedure of the Association.