Ongoing Accreditation

Ongoing accreditation involves the relationship between member schools and the Commission.  It is the role of the Commission to monitor the progress of schools as they go about addressing the Standards for Accreditation.  It is the role of the member school to make reasonable progress towards addressing the recommendations of the Commission, which are based on the Standards.

The Commission expects that members schools will make continuous efforts to address the recommendations from the evaluation report as well as from the letters in which the Commission highlights certain recommendations.  Every member school is required to submit a Two-Year Progress Report, a Five-Year Progress Report, and a Pre-Self Study report.  As well, the Commission may request additional special progress reports from schools.

After each school's decennial visit, Commission staff present regional Follow-Up Seminars to provide schools with information about the progress reports that will be expected in an effort to assist schools in addressing recommendations and implementing school improvement plans.

This section includes Directions for  the Annual Information Report (AIR), for Two-Year Progress reports, for Five-Year Progress Reports, for reporting substantive changes in addition to Guidelines and Procedures the Commission uses to make its decisions.  Sample responses to various reports are also available.