Special Progress Reports


1. Write out each recommendation from the notification letter in question and number the recommendations in order as they appear in the Commission’s letter.

2. Identify the status of each highlighted recommendation based on the categories listed below.

COMPLETED:  The recommendation has been implemented fully or an on-going process has been initiated to ensure its implementation

IN PROGRESS:  Steps have been taken to carry out the recommendation but additional work needs to be done to ensure full implementation.

PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE:  Although the recommendation has not progressed beyond the planning stage, it will be carried out as soon as conditions warrant.

REJECTED:  The recommendation is impractical or invalid because it arose from insufficient observation or relates to circumstances which no longer exist.

NO ACTION: The recommendation is valid but has not yet been addressed.

3. School officials should describe all progress to date, indicate projected dates and plans for full implementation, and/or provide a reason why each recommendation has not been completed. Particular care should be taken to justify any recommendations which have been classified as Rejected.

4.  See sample below.

5.  Report must be signed electronically by the Principal/Headmaster and the Chair of the Follow-Up Committee including position of the Chair and date submitted.
> Sample Special Progress Report