Substantive Change Policy

Principals of member schools must report to the Commission within sixty (60) days of occurrence any substantive change in the school which has a negative impact on the school's ability to meet any of the Commission's Standards for Accreditation. The report of a substantive change must describe the change itself as well as detail the impact on the school’s ability to meet the Standards. The following are potential areas where there might be negative substantive changes which must be reported:

  • elimination of fine arts, practical arts and student activities
  • diminished upkeep and maintenance of facilities
  • significantly decreased funding
  • cuts in the level of administrative and supervisory staffing
  • cuts in the number of teachers and/or guidance counselors
  • grade level responsibilities of the principal
  • cuts in the number of support staff
  • decreases in student services
  • cuts in the educational media staffing
  • increases in student enrollment that cannot be accommodated
  • takeover by the state
  • inordinate user fees
  • changes in the student population that warrant program or staffing modification(s) that cannot be accommodated, e.g., the number of special needs students or vocational students or students with limited English proficiency