Indicator 1

Teachers’ instructional practices are continuously examined to ensure consistency with the school’s core values, beliefs, and 21st century learning expectations.

What to Look for:

  • teachers are clearly familiar with the school’s beliefs about learning and often reference them when making decision about which instructional strategies to employ
  • teaching practices in all classes consistently and overtly support the core values and beliefs about learning (e.g., if the school has identified independent learning and active engagement, then all teachers use practices which engage students and cause students to be able to work without direct teacher instruction and they would be acting as coaches)
  • teachers might engage in peer observation and reflection in order to examine their practices against the school’s 21st century learning expectations as well as the school’s beliefs about learning
  • teaching practices would be regularly examined against the school’s learning expectations in order to ensure teachers are modeling the expectations for students (e.g., use of technology, collaboration, reflection)