Indicator 1

The community and the district’s governing body provide dependable funding for:

  • a wide range of school programs and services
  • sufficient professional and support staff
  • ongoing professional development and curriculum revision
  • a full range of technology support
  • sufficient equipment
  • sufficient instructional materials and supplies.

What to Look for:

  • the school assesses a full-range of budget priorities annually which take into account the school’s educational programs and services, staffing levels, curriculum processes, professional development, instructional materials and supplies, technology, and equipment
  • the school uses data about student 21st century learning expectations to make budgetary decisions
  • annual budget planning solicits feedback from parents and other community members in the early stages in order to determine school needs and to generate broad-based community support
  • the budget planning process focuses on balancing the need for adequate program and services support with that of fiscal responsibility
  • broad-based communication efforts are made to generate awareness of budget needs, of meetings being held to present the budget, and of the process to be used to vote on the budget
  • the school and district administrators and the district’s governing body provide authoritative and proactive leadership in preparing, presenting, and generating support for passage of the budget
  • similar leadership and proactive planning are provided in determining the need for and the passage of necessary bond issues and/or capital expenditures
  • as the result of the actions above, annual budgets are generally passed with substantial support of the community