Indicator 2

The school develops, plans and funds programs:

  • to ensure the maintenance and repair of building and school plant
  • to properly maintain, catalogue, and replace equipment
  • to keep the school clean on a daily basis.

What to Look for:

  • the school provides the equipment necessary to meet instructional and facility needs
  • the annual operating budget is adequate to fund the routine maintenance and upkeep of the school building and plant
  • clear responsibilities for the maintenance and monitoring of equipment are designated to appropriate personnel (e.g. maintenance director, head custodian for maintenance equipment; audio-visual coordinator for projectors, etc.; technology coordinator for computers, scanners, etc.)
  • regular maintenance and replacement schedules and cataloguing systems are in place for all furniture and equipment, both instructional and administrative according to a district plan
  • a manager/supervisor of facilities and maintenance oversees the planning and supervision of the maintenance program including the purchasing of adequate supplies, materials, and equipment and the hiring, training, and management of personnel
  • a formal plan/schedule is in place for the regular maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment and for the ongoing cleaning of the facility
  • adequate personnel are in place to ensure that equipment and facilities are well-maintained
  • sufficient funds are provided for the necessary personnel, supplies, materials, and equipment to ensure adequate site and facility maintenance and cleanliness
  • members of the school community express satisfaction with the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility