Indicator 5

The school site and plant shall support the delivery of high quality school programs and services.

What to Look for:

Are the school site and plant sufficient to enhance all aspects of the educational program?

  • adequate and appropriate space is provided to ensure full implementation of the educational program (e.g., science labs, media/information center, sufficient number of classrooms, performing arts areas, cafeteria, and storage areas, etc.)
  • adequate space is provided for the school administration and for student support services (e.g., administrative offices and private conference areas, private conference rooms for special education and guidance personnel, sound-proofed offices for guidance counselors and social workers, appropriate nursing space which provide student privacy and confidentiality, etc.)
  • the school site provides adequate space for outdoor physical education classes and athletic activities; for safe and secure parking for teachers, parents, students, and guests; for fire drills; and for the general entrance, egress, and outdoor recreation of students
  • the school plant/facility is able to adequately support all school programs unless suitable alternative space has been provided
  • the school plant/facility ensures the health, well-being and safety of all occupants