Indicator 6

The school maintains documentation that the physical plant and facilities meet all applicable federal and state laws and are in compliance with local fire, health, and safety regulations.

What to Look for:

Does the school maintain up-to-date documentation to ensure the school plant and facilities are well-maintained and provide an environment that is healthy and safe for all occupants and meet all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations?

  • the plant and facility provides documentation to ensure meet that all applicable federal and state laws and are monitored by the administration (including the storage of chemicals, lists of all chemicals housed in the facility, the maintenance of fire alarms, and fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • ventilation, temperature control, and air quality are regularly checked and meet all local and state health requirements throughout the facility
  • the entire facility is handicapped accessible
  • when the plant and/or other facilities are not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the school makes immediate plans to address the problems including necessary repairs and modifications or the use of temporary alternative facilities
  • adequate supplies, materials, equipment, and personnel are provided to ensure that the site and plant are safe, healthy, clean, and well-maintained
  • comments and complaints about school maintenance as it relates to issues of health or safety are regularly solicited from teachers, students, et al. and are acted upon in a timely manner
  • the facility is clean and equipment is well-maintained; any school equipment that is found to be unsafe is immediately removed and repaired
  • requests for repairs are addressed in a timely manner
  • custodial staff and the outdoor maintenance crew are sufficient in number to meet all local fire, health, and safety regulations with regular checks conducted yearly and proper documentation maintained