Indicator 7

All professional staff actively engage parents and families as partners in each student’s education and reach out specifically to those families who have been less connected with the school.

What to Look for:

Are students and their families actively engaged as partners in the students’ education as well as encouraged to participate in school programs and activities?

  • teachers and administrators engage in outreach efforts to engage parents in the scholastic lives of their sons and daughters (e.g., frequent parent forums and seminars, invitations to open houses and parent coffees, parent support groups, calls to the home by teachers, etc.) and to attend co-curricular activities and other events their students participate
  • teachers and administrators work collaboratively with parent and community organizations to increase meaningful outreach strategies to parents who are less connected with the school
  • parents are regularly contacted and involved in conferences regarding the learning needs of their children
  • site-based councils or other forms of school governance encourage parent involvement and input
  • parents are involved as tutors, lecturers, and aides within the school
  • parents are invited to programs which showcase student work, to roundtable presentations of student portfolios, etc.
  • students participate in parent/teacher conferences which deal with their learning needs and progress
  • parents are informed about all programs and services available to their students