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Public High School Accreditation

Accreditation by the Committee on Public Secondary Schools (CPSS), indicates that an educational institution has conducted a self-evaluation of all of its programs and  has hosted a visiting committee to evaluate the institution in terms of its own stated educational goals and the seven Standards for Accreditation of the Commission on Public Secondary Schools.

The Standards for Accreditation are a research-based set of practices and concepts that provides guidance to school personnel on all aspects of the education of the young people under their care.  The Standards which are considered to be living documents are reviewed and revised, as necessary, every five years.  The process of review includes surveys of all member schools, specific consideration of feedback provided by schools that have recently undergone an accreditation visit, an appraisal of recent, relevant educational literature, and in-depth discussions at the Commission level.  As needed, third parties, including consultants, are contracted to conduct relelvant research to inform the revision of the Standards.  The Standards tend to be reflective of current trends in research on public education without espousing one particular mode of thought.

The awarding of accreditation signifies that the school has met Commission Standards at an acceptable level and is willing to both maintain those Standards and to improve its educational program by implementing the recommendations of the visiting committee and the Commission.  Continued accreditation is dependent upon a school demonstrating ongoing, reflective progress to improve teaching and learning and the support of teaching and learning.

Membership in and accreditation by the NEASC is similar to membership in professional organizations such as the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association.  In each case, a commitment toward continual self-evaluation, a pledge to self-improvement, and a desire to maintain the Standards for Accreditation are necessary.