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A Vision for Learning

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools Hosting Decennial Accreditation Teams in the year 2020 and beyond

Over the past several years, the Committee on Public Secondary Schools (CPSS) and Committee on Public Elementary and Middle Schools (CPEMS) have been involved in a purposeful effort to reflect on the value of Accreditation and re-design the Accreditation process to better meet the changing needs of member schools. The new process, "A Vision for Learning", responds to concerns and suggestions made by member schools by reducing the time required to complete the Accreditation process and by allowing schools to align the process to existing school improvement efforts. Elements of the re-designed process include a Self-Reflection completed by the school, a Collaborative Conference held with a small team of peer educators, the development and implementation of a school growth plan, a reflective summary report completed by the school, and a scaled down Decennial Accreditation visit.

Resources for "A Vision for Learning"

The Accreditation Process

PDF icon Accreditation Handbook (pdf) - for use by the Steering Committee

PDF icon Self-Reflection Guide (pdf) - for use by the Self-Reflection Committee

2020 Standards for Accreditation

Overview Presentations

  • 2020 Vision for Learning (ppt) - a presentation about the redesigned Accreditation process, including an overview of CPSS and development of the new process
  • 2020 Vision for Learning Overview (pdf) - a document presenting more detailed descriptions of each phase of the redesigned Accreditation process, highlights of the newest features, and references
  • NEASC 2020 Presentation (ppt) - a presentation about the 2020 Standards for Accreditation and the redesigned Accreditation process.
  • Collaborative Conference Overview - a video presentation including PowerPoint slides with narration to assist schools preparing for their Collaborative Conference.
Preparing for an Accreditation Team Visit​

The Commission's professional staff members provide Evaluation Seminars to help schools preparing to host an Accreditation Team Visit. Schools will receive an invitation to participate approximately four to six months prior to their scheduled visit. These seminars are designed to provide information — beyond the Accreditation Handbook — that is critical to helping schools host successful visits.