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Visiting Team Members

Resources for volunteers participating in accreditation visits for public elementary, middle, and/or high schools.

If you received an invitation to serve as a member of a NEASC Accreditation Visiting Team and are willing to accept the role, please accept the thanks of the Commission on Public Schools for the time and energy you will devote to the task. We wish you the best in your assignment.

Prior to your scheduled visit, your Team Chair will contact you regarding the specifics of the visit and the information on how to access the school’s Self-Reflection through NEASC's Accrediation Portal. You may also view a portal training video for team members. Additional information will be provided to you through the CPS office.

Lodging, meals and reimbursement for mileage will be paid for by the host school. All Visiting Team Members will receive a certificate of participation. 

If you have any questions about the team visit please don't hesitate to contact us.

Resources for...

Decennial Visit Team Members

The Accreditation Portal

Portal Handbook for Visting Team Members (pdf)

Portal Training Video for Team Members - view now!


If you have any questions or need additional assistance after reviewing the guides, please contact Alyson Geary, Deputy Director: ageary@neasc.org, 781-425-7736

What is it like to be on a Visiting Team?

We have prepared a presentation, "So what can I expect when I serve on a NEASC/CPSS Visiting Team," to help teachers and administrators in public schools who are interested in serving on a Visiting Team understand what happens during the four days of an evaluation visit.

The presentation is based on an example high school evaluation visit.

PDF icon View the presentation (pdf)

Collaborative Conference Team Members

Not yet a on a Team?

If you have not yet volunteered but are interested in serving on an Accreditaion Visiting Team, please first review the qualifications and application process. 

NEASC is notified of prospective volunteers via the Annual Information Report (AIR). If you would like to participate, ask your school head to add you to the CPS Evaluator List on the AIR.

Participating on a NEASC Visiting Team is a great opportunity. It is so valuable as a professional to look at things through this lens.
— Visiting Team Member, Committee on Public Secondary Schools