Community Resources for Learning

The achievement of the school’s 21st century learning expectations requires active community, governing board, and parent advocacy. Through dependable and adequate funding, the community provides the personnel, resources, and facilities to support the delivery of curriculum, instruction, programs, and services.

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Indicator 1:  The community and the district's governing body provide dependable funding for:

  • a wide range of school programs and services
  • sufficient professional and support staff
  • ongoing professional development and curriculum revision
  • a full range of technology support
  • sufficient equipment
  • sufficient instructional materials and supplies.

Indicator 2:  The school develops, plans, and funds programs:

  • to ensure the maintenance and repair of the building and school plant
  • to properly maintain, catalogue, and replace equipment
  • to keep the school clean on a daily basis.

Indicator 3:  The community funds and the school implements a long-range plan that addresses:

  • programs and services
  • enrollment changes and staffing needs
  • facility needs
  • technology
  • capital improvements.

Indicator 4:  Faculty and building administrators are actively involved in the development and implementation of the budget.

Indicator 5:  The school site and plant support the delivery of high quality school programs and services.

Indicator 6:  The school maintains documentation that the physical plant and facilities meet all applicable federal and state laws and are in compliance with local fire, health, and safety regulations.

Indicator 7:  All professional staff actively engage parents and families as partners in each student’s education and reach out specifically to those families who have been less connected with the school.

Indicator 8:  The school develops productive parent, community, business, and higher education partnerships that support student learning.