Indicator 8

The school develops productive parent, business/community/and higher education partnerships that support student learning.

What to Look for:

Are productive parent, business, community, and higher education partnerships in place that support student learning and enable students to see the real-world applications of what they are learning?

  • the school has created formal business and industry partnerships which are consistent with its core values and beliefs about learning and which provide students with opportunities for job shadowing, mentoring, internships, apprenticeships, school-to-career, and summer employment
  • parents regularly serve as partners on committees which support the school’s educational program and services
  • local business and industry leaders play an integral role in planning and implementing school-to-career programs
  • partnerships with local adolescent/community groups support and supplement the regular school program (e.g., local community education sites are available; the YMCA supports a homework helper program; etc.)
  • local colleges and the school are engaged in conversations about how the high school can improve curriculum and instruction in order to better prepare students to succeed in college
  • high school students are able to take courses at local colleges and universities
  • local college partnerships are established to support professional development programs at the high school level for faculty members through training opportunities, granting of credit for in-service experiences, etc.
  • partnerships with teacher education programs have been established to engage student teachers and interns in the high school as added instructional support
  • students are encouraged to participate in real-world activities that link classroom knowledge with authentic application