Indicator 1

The curriculum is purposefully designed to ensure that all students practice and achieve each of the school's 21st century learning expectations.

What to Look For:

  • each curriculum area has assumed responsibility for teaching one or more of the 21st century learning expectations
  • a core curriculum is required of all students that addresses all of the 21st century learning expectations
  • the design of the curriculum ensure that each student has multiple learning experiences to ensure he/she achieves the learning expectations
  • when appropriate, alternative paths/programs and time options are available to those students who need significant additional support or time to meet expectations (e.g., on-line learning, summer programs, extra courses, evening courses, Saturday programs)
  • ancillary support mechanisms are in place to help all students achieve the expectations (e.g., teachers schedule extra help sessions; learning centers, writing centers are open to provide support; tutoring is available)
  • data will be used regarding the school’s learning expectations when the school makes decisions to add or delete courses or units from the curriculum