Indicator 8

The principal, working with other building leaders, provides instructional leadership that is rooted in the school’s core values, beliefs, and learning expectations.

What to Look for:

  • the principal is a visible force in the building, modeling and “living” the school’s core values and beliefs about learning
  • important decisions made by the principal are made in consultation with other building leaders, reflect the school’s core values and beliefs about learning, support every student’s learning, and are perceived as consistent and fair
  • the primary focus of the principal’s time is on teaching and learning (e.g., formal and informal conversations with teachers and students are about teaching and learning; faculty meetings are focused on teaching and learning with agendas and discussions that promote improved teaching and learning; the principal spends time in classrooms watching teachers teach and students learn; school leadership team meeting agendas are focused on teaching and learning goals and priorities)
  • the principal shows students that their learning is paramount (e.g., academic success is highlighted more frequently than athletic success; students are interviewed for their perspective on the quality of teaching they are receiving; the principal asks random groups of students to share their portfolios for review)
  • when major issues arise in the school, the principal addresses the faculty and students to express concern and to ensure that communication is direct and consistent
  • the principal ensures that a safe and orderly environment exists and takes necessary steps to deal with conflicts, student threats, outside forces that may jeopardize the health and welfare of students
  • the principal provides opportunities for other leaders in the school to assist in promoting examples listed earlier in this section
  • stakeholders can cite examples of communications, activities, decision of the principal’s instructional leadership that relate to the school’s core values and beliefs about learning
  • teachers and students are very clear about the school’s core values and beliefs