Welcome to NEASC-CPSS!

The NEASC Committee on Public Secondary Schools (NEASC-CPSS), one of the three branches of the NEASC Commission on Public Schools, is dedicated to ensuring — through accreditation — that all students experience an equitable, quality education.

Here you will find a variety of valuable information provided to better prepare you for high school accreditation. We have included materials to familiarize you with the new accreditation process to be used by elementary, middle, and high schools which will host Decennial Accreditation Visits beginning in 2020. Also included are materials to guide you through the new 2020 CPS Standards, the 2011 CPSS Standards, Self-Reflection, and the Visit phases of the Accreditation Cycle.

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A continuous cycle of improvement, growth, and partnership.


The foundation of the Accreditation process.